Downloading Super Mario Run for iPhone and What Android Users May Not Know

Super Mario Run is available for download by iPhone users via the Apple App Store, but Android users have to wait till 2017 to get the download on their phones. While iPhone users can download the game through the App Store, Android users may learn other ways to download the game to their phones that are not recommended. It is important to learn legit options for playing Super Mario Run as unscrupulous people are trying to prey on those who may not know better.

Super Mario Run: Where It Is Available

As of December 2016, Super Mario Run is available for the iPhone through the App store. It is said to be an exclusive app available for a limited time. Nintendo confirmed the game would be available for download to Android users in 2017. As long as you have a connection to the internet when you download the game you are all set to play.

Super Mario Run Download for Android

There is something to be cautious about if you are an Android user trying to download Super Mario Run. Some may be conducting a search online for how to install Super Mario Run on Android phones or how to install an iOS app on Android. Such searches are nonsense and could get your device in trouble. As stated earlier, the legal download for Android is set for 2017 but there a few things to keep in mind when considering any possible downloads on Android devices.

There are specific files used to download the game while making it compatible with the phone’s operating system. Experts say such files don’t exist for Android phones on the internet. If you do a Google search on it a bunch of junk pops up claiming to offer free downloads. Such downloads pretend to help you to download another particular file allowing you to download the actual game, but it is not true. To get the so-called file (may be referred to as an APK file), you may be asked to provide personal information. The file could be malware but in many cases you don’t know what the file is.

There was a file or rumor of a particular type of file available online that lets Android users download iOS apps. Such files may not exist but people should be very careful about what they download onto their phones. Be smart and get to know the source of the download before doing anything on your device. You are better off just waiting until the real download is available from Google Play Store.

If you decide to risk downloading such files consider reviewing how to backup Android files and how to use security software on a mobile device. You may also want to look into how to remove malware from mobile phones.

How Much Does It Cost to Play?

Super Mario Run costs $9.99 in the United States. You can play some of it free but the full game is unlocked for a fee. When the game is downloaded it is available in a limited mode. No additional fees will be necessary after paying to unlock the full game. The pay structure of the game makes it easier for kids to play while giving parents peace of mind. The cost of the game may seem steep but many who enjoy Mario will see it as a drop in the bucket. Reviews for the game have been interesting with many looking forward to what the game has in store for the future.