Music To Listen To On St. Patrick’s Day

Nothing is better than listening to some Irish music on St. Patrick’s Day. Get ready to dance and do the jig! Here are some songs that you must have on your St. Patrick’s Day playlist!

“Galway Girl” – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran this week released his song “Galway Girl” just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Currently, it is on the UK Trending Song chart and is popular in the U.S. The song tells the story is about a girl who plays the fiddle in an Irish band who falls in love with an english man. Ed’s inspiration for the song was Niamh Dunne, the fiddle player in the band, Beoga. The story told is not real just inspired by Dunne. The song is really catchy and the audio video of the song already has over 6 Million views! He also released another Irish themed song “Nancy Mulligan” which has had over 4 Million views on YouTube.

“Drunken Lullabies”- Flogging Molly

This song written by Flogging Molly, was released on their 2002 album, Drunken Lullabies. Later, this song was awarded a RIAA. Flogging Molly an Irish-American Celtic Punk band which is still creating music today. The is about these guys who are a mess at the local pub drunk. It is a fast-paced song you can really tap your foot and dance along to. On YouTube, the music video has over 7 Million views!

“An Irish Pub Song” – The Rumjacks

You can’t get more Irish than “An Irish Pub Song”. The Rumjacks are an punk rock/celtic folk band from Australia. The song, as expected, is all about an Irish pub from the beer to the women. The music video for this song got an astonishing 25 Million views on YouTube since 2010! This is definitely a catchy song for St. Patrick’s Day.

Everything U2

If you are truly a fan of Irish music, you should listen to U2. Even though U2 has become popular around the globe, they are an Irish Rock band that started in Dublin. Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. are the members of the band. Two major hit songs that should be on your Irish playlist are “With or Without You” and “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. “With or Without You” came out in 19887 and peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 1. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” has a little bit of history behind it. U2 wrote this song in protest of the 1972 Easter Sunday Bloody Shooting in Northern Ireland. The story is that 26 unarmed peaceful protestors were shot by British soldiers. It’s great how U2 brought this tragic event to light in song.

“Whiskey In The Jar” – Metallica

Metallica put their own spin on the classic Irish song, “Whiskey In The Jar”. The song is about a man who is betrayed by his lover. Metallica released their version of the song in 1998. To date, their music video for the song has over 55 Million views! Pretty impressive for a non-irish band singing a traditional Irish song!

“Irish Celebration” – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

For a song a little more in this decade, try a listen to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s, “Irish Celebration”. They released the song in December of 2009. The song is basically about those who are Irish celebrating their heritage in a bar. It’s a great party song but not the best representation of being Irish. Their music video on YouTube has reached over 21 Million views.

These are some great songs to get you in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit! So, gather your friends, grab a pint, and have an amazing holiday!

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How Social Media Can Enhance Real Life Relationships

Social media has created a lot of controversy over the years. One of the claims people make is that people are less connected to their friends and loved ones now because of social media. Critics of social media claim that people now send an impersonal text or email instead of making a phone call or sitting down in person with loved ones. They say that is destroying interpersonal relationships.

But is that a fair assessment of social media? Not really. Social media can be a great tool to enhance real life relationships when it’s used effectively. The frantic pace of modern life means that people have a lot less time to visit with friends and family or spend hours on the phone talking. But a quick social media message or a text can let someone you love know that you’re thinking about them even when you’re too busy for a long visit or chat.

Also there are plenty of people who have met new friends and connected with people online that they would never have the chance to meet in real life. From dating to finding new best friends social media opens up a world of possibilities. Consider these situations that would never be possible without social media:

Distance Doesn’t Matter

Many social media platforms now feature the ability to “go live”. This lets people video chat with each other or post videos in real time. It’s the social media equivalent to using Facetime or another video chatting app. This technology makes it easy for people to connect who otherwise could not.

The ability to stream video in real time and connect with others face to face over the Internet is life changing for many different types of people. Thanks to social media a soldier deployed overseas can still be present at the birth of his child.

A mother whose children are too busy or can’t afford to come visit can video chat with them every day. She gets the comfort of seeing her children again and they get to check on her and make sure that she looks ok and is taking care of herself.

A person with disabilities that make it difficult to get around can have group chats with friends and can enjoy an active social life from the comfort of their home.

Friends who live on opposite sides of the country can have a cup of coffee together and chat just as if they were together in the same room by using social media video chat.

Book Clubs and More

Social media also makes it possible for people to find friends who share the same hobbies. It doesn’t matter if it’s reading, sewing, crafting, watching obscure German movies, reading comic books or any of a thousand other hobbies. Online you will be able to find someone that shares your passion.

Even if that person lives on the other side of the world you can use social media to share information, video chat, and connect with people who love the same things you love. For people who are so busy they don’t have time to go to regular meetings or people who live in rural areas with no easy access to clubs and social gathers social media is a lifeline. It enhances the quality of life. And it gives people the chance to explore new things and enjoy meeting new people no matter where they live.

There are some down sides to social media. But overall social media has created a rich virtual world that enhances real life relationships and helps people stay connected to the people that are important to them.

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Downloading Super Mario Run for iPhone and What Android Users May Not Know

Super Mario Run is available for download by iPhone users via the Apple App Store, but Android users have to wait till 2017 to get the download on their phones. While iPhone users can download the game through the App Store, Android users may learn other ways to download the game to their phones that are not recommended. It is important to learn legit options for playing Super Mario Run as unscrupulous people are trying to prey on those who may not know better.

Super Mario Run: Where It Is Available

As of December 2016, Super Mario Run is available for the iPhone through the App store. It is said to be an exclusive app available for a limited time. Nintendo confirmed the game would be available for download to Android users in 2017. As long as you have a connection to the internet when you download the game you are all set to play.

Super Mario Run Download for Android

There is something to be cautious about if you are an Android user trying to download Super Mario Run. Some may be conducting a search online for how to install Super Mario Run on Android phones or how to install an iOS app on Android. Such searches are nonsense and could get your device in trouble. As stated earlier, the legal download for Android is set for 2017 but there a few things to keep in mind when considering any possible downloads on Android devices.

There are specific files used to download the game while making it compatible with the phone’s operating system. Experts say such files don’t exist for Android phones on the internet. If you do a Google search on it a bunch of junk pops up claiming to offer free downloads. Such downloads pretend to help you to download another particular file allowing you to download the actual game, but it is not true. To get the so-called file (may be referred to as an APK file), you may be asked to provide personal information. The file could be malware but in many cases you don’t know what the file is.

There was a file or rumor of a particular type of file available online that lets Android users download iOS apps. Such files may not exist but people should be very careful about what they download onto their phones. Be smart and get to know the source of the download before doing anything on your device. You are better off just waiting until the real download is available from Google Play Store.

If you decide to risk downloading such files consider reviewing how to backup Android files and how to use security software on a mobile device. You may also want to look into how to remove malware from mobile phones.

How Much Does It Cost to Play?

Super Mario Run costs $9.99 in the United States. You can play some of it free but the full game is unlocked for a fee. When the game is downloaded it is available in a limited mode. No additional fees will be necessary after paying to unlock the full game. The pay structure of the game makes it easier for kids to play while giving parents peace of mind. The cost of the game may seem steep but many who enjoy Mario will see it as a drop in the bucket. Reviews for the game have been interesting with many looking forward to what the game has in store for the future.